Sunday, October 4, 2009

Forum Discussion To Increase Website Traffic

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Here's the process for forums along with the most valuable list of Do Follow Forums on the internet:

1) Sign up to each forum and create a good profile.

-Make sure you have a good picture that draws attention.

-Post the link to your website in your profile.

-Answer every question they have with a good answer.

If you have a good profile, then you are more likely to get extra traffic and not get banned. If you get banned, then all your work is lost.

2) Create a signature with your keyword string going to the optimized page.

-Whatever keyword string you are focusing on should be the same on every single forum.

-Use a keyword string that is also clickable so that you can get traffic from clicks while you are optimizing.

-Write a slogan under your keyword string that pulls clicks.

3) Make posts that will get replies

-Everytime your post gets a reply it is pushed to the top of the page with the highest PR.

-Ask questions that anyone can answer.

-Rank all of the existing discussions by total replies to identify the best topics to post on.

Here's a list of the best Do Follow Forums to post on: SEO - music - seo - business - seo, webmaster - webmaster - Webmaster, seo - comic books - photo - ecommerce, advertising - domains - books - trucks - computer - computer, sql - intel - cnet forum - oracle db - ecommerce - domains - computer os - computer os - media player - gaming - a support forum - movies - religion - limited - seo - computer (links only in sig) - business - adversting on websites PR6 minimum 25 posts PR4 - Webmaster, Forum, SEO - real estate, seo, marketing - blog related seo, marketing, blogging ideas - It's more than just baseball. Up to 6 or 7 lines in the sig. Sig only. - A game design forum - Spanish speaking forum anime (old forum, with many short threads with PR) - religion - general? - SEO, webmaster - Windows support - Graphics, themes, template - art, images, themes - wallpaper - SEO, webmaster - SEO, webmaster - SEO - filesharing PR4 - investing - general, sports, politics - baseball - tattoos

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