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About RingCentral

About RingCentral

RingCentral provides cloud computing based business phone systems designed for today's mobile and distributed business world. The RingCentral technology platform eliminates the need for expensive and technically complex on-premise legacy phone systems. By combining a hosted, multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality, RingCentral simplifies business communication for modern, flexible business environments.
RingCentral offers small businesses the type of world-class business functionality that, until recently, was available only to large corporations. RingCentral capabilities include auto-receptionist, flexible extension structure, multiple voicemail boxes, smart call routing, business answering rules, extension dialing, call transfers, and elegant integration with Smartphones. With RingCentral, businesses are able to connect all employees as if they were in the same office, improve communications with customers, and boost productivity. RingCentral provides all the telecommunication capabilities that today's businesses demand, while completely eliminating the need for expensive on-premise phone systems.
RingCentral has tens of thousands of business customers and has earned top industry honors, including the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award, the Small Business Computing Excellence in Technology Award, and the 2010 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, RingCentral is privately held with backing from Silicon Valley based venture capitalists including Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, and DAG Ventures.

Why Use RingCentral

"I think the Ringcentral coupon code will help many businesses make the decision to utilize an 800 number," commented company president and website developer Jason Kay. "Small businesses in today's economy have to fight for every client, so anything that can enhance their customer service and improve their images as professional organizations will be of value to a small business owner, and this value is what we hope to provide through the coupon code. RingCentral is a trusted and highly rated company, and we are happy to provide savings to individuals that invest in its services."
Through the products offered by RingCentral, business owners will be able to create a custom voicemail, utilize fax services, set up extensions, screen calls, receive message alerts, and play music and advertisements while callers are on hold. One of the top-rated services on, RingCentral has contributed to the success of many small businesses and, with use of the coupon code, is expected to enhance the achievements of many more.

RingCentral Fax Service Review

RingCentral Fax has the most advanced fax features available anywhere at no extra charge. Electronically sign and edit fax documents, design custom cover pages and fax from email, MicrosoftĂ‚® applications and even your phone. And RingCentral automatically notifies you when a fax send is complete, so there's no more waiting around to see if a fax has been successfully sent.
RingCentral Hosted Phone Service and RingCentral Fax come with the most advanced Internet fax features available anywhere at no extra charge. Design and compose cover pages and documents to your liking. Then send fax documents from your computer and get a message confirming receipt of the fax. No more waiting around listening to those shrill beeps and squawks. The fax is sent over the Internet without the noise and at ten times the speed. And when you receive the fax documents, they arrive cleanly in your email inbox.
Most importantly, you'll save space, time, money and paper by choosing online faxing over a normal fax machine. And that's just good for business.

What is the difference between RingCentral Office and RingCentral Mobile?

RingCentral Office is a complete business phone and fax system that includes phone service (phone lines so your phones have dial tone) and offers pre-configured business-class IP Phones. It's ideal for businesses with one or more office locations. RingCentral Office provides a complete business phone and fax system with a reliable, inexpensive phone service and phones.
RingCentral Mobile is a virtual business phone and fax system that is ideal for businesses who want to use their existing phone service and phones or mobile devices as their primary devices. You still get the benefit of a cloud-based business phone system but are receiving and making calls on your existing phones and phone service.

ringcentral industry analysts

RingCentral is a virtual phone service provider that gives small businesses a chance to compete and be in equal footing with the large companies when it comes to their business phone system. By combining state-of-the-art messaging functions, call forwarding, voice and fax features, you can experience the professionalism and functionality of a Fortune 500 business phone system and have the flexibility to connect different employees regardless of location. RingCentral also works with existing phone units and internet connection there's no need for any new equipment or hardware to buy and maintain. With advanced features and affordable plans, RingCentral is an ideal small business phone system provider for entrepreneurs and mobile professionals.

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