Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Working Woman Entrepreneurs Road Back

I am going to make it on my own terms. I want to make my own money and be self sufficient. I am getting that old excitement that hits when I think about ways I can make my own money, outside of the 9-5. I was happy to re-discover a few money makers. I found that my blog was netting funds with little or work from me from Adsense ads. I also was still netting funds from Squidoo lenses that I had made. Today I am laying down my foundation and returning to a few money makers. In fact I am making another Squidoo lens and will be blogging my progress daily. I have other endeavors that I will also be re-inventing. I will also continue to build my jewelry business.. You will find me there working and more. You can earn money blogging but I recommend you use a journal to write your content and then post to your blog.