Thursday, October 18, 2012

StudioPress News


1.New StudioPress Themes

2.Top 10 Best Selling Themes for September 2012

3.September 2012 Theme of the Month


October? Really? Well, this year's moving right along, and I hope it's been a profitable one for you. Our StudioPress team is working hard to help you in that regard, and here's the news you can use for the Month of the Pumpkin to improve your StudioPress affiliate promotions… New StudioPress Themes Since our last affiliate email, we released one new theme and three updated favorites.

They included: -

Minimum 2.0: Clean and powerful, this minimalist favorite became our 17th theme with a mobile responsive design. This update also added in a landing page template. Pro Plus members can pick up the new version in the forums. -

Outreach 2.0: Originally built for churches but used by a variety of different sites, my personal favorite theme also got a major design update last month. Now featuring 6 layout options and a landing page template, the mobile-responsive Outreach theme is available to Pro Plus members in the forums. -

Going Green 2.0: At long last, you can save the planet with the design integrity of Going Green. Now fully mobile responsive with 3 layout options and a built-in landing page template, this conscious theme is available to Pro Plus members in the forums. - Craftiness: Fresh and fun,

Restored 316 Designs' latest Community theme includes 4 color styles and 3 layout options. Show off your creative side and pick up a copy in the Community marketplace. StudioPress Theme of the Month - Prose Theme

Top 10 Best Selling Themes for September 2012
While our biggest sales record breaker last month was our Pro Plus Package, individual theme sales have continued to increase at record growth rates. In September, our best selling themes included:

      10. Outreach Theme:
      9. Balance Theme:
      8. Adorable Theme:
      7. Associate Theme:
      6. Lifestyle Theme:
      5. News Theme:
      4. Agency Theme:
      3. AgentPress Theme:
      2. Minimum Theme:
      1. eleven40 Theme:

Theme of the Month: Prose
You shouldn't need to know code in order to have a gorgeous website. When you'd prefer to point-and-click your way to an amazing web presence, Prose is the theme of your dreams.

With 6 layout options, loads of controls and a fully mobile responsive design, Prose is the perfect theme for anyone who needs to publish with finesse in no time flat.

 StudioPress Theme of the Month

Friday, October 5, 2012

3 Time Creators For Your Business

I wrote an article on Ezinearticles about blogging as a technique to brand and gain more credibility. Today, time management is the important topic because it takes time to blog and brand. I personally have number one, started carrying a notebook everywhere I go. I can create on the go with my notebook and post it to my blog immediately with my laptop or smart phone. Saturday I am taking my notebook to Chicago with me and I will be able to create my original content while traveling.
Where do I get my content? I write about what I am doing each day to achieve success. For example, the 2nd thing to create time is to combine similar activities. I went to a book fair and spent $ 5 getting a creative looking notebook to blog. I enjoyed the book fair and did something for my business. Third, just actively find the time to brand, blog, write articles, advertise, and market. Create your time by carrying a notebook, combining activities, and actively finding time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Marketing Fifth Avenue Collections and Rich and Rich Blog

I spent today handing out my business cards that list my blog which has a link to Fifth Avenue Collections Jewelry, which is my home based business.  While passing out my cards, I saw a vendor at Summit City in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I spoke with the vendor because she was in a high traffic area and I wanted to know how to model/market that same idea of selling as a jewellery vendor.  I was so excited and as I was leaving the building, I bumped into a security guard who was able to give me a business card to the manager for Summit City.  I did call and left a message and I am excited about this new business network prospect.  If I was not actively promoting my busines and blog,  I would not have met the vendor which lead to a manager.  My motto is to promote, promote, promote.  I also know that original content is key to keeping my blog active.  Alot of people don't understand the importance of blogging and how it helps your business and can increase your cash flow.  I think I will create an article dedicated to the importance of blogging.  I love that I am actually an author everytime I sent down and create my blog ideas and I will be adding I am an author to my business cards.  I want my following to know that I am a real person with a smalll business that is successful.  Don't forget you need a blog, website, and credit card processing. 

credit card processing and merchant accounts

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RSS Submission Importance And Time

I realize today that trying to submit my rss feeds is very time consuming.  I still do work a part time job and use my off time for my business endeavors.  I spend my days  off creating original content for blogs, keeping up squidoo lenses, keeping up facebook pages.  I also work on unfinished lenses and websites.  So today I have to get some help and outsource submitting my rss feeds by using and rss feed submitssion service.  So currently I am on google using the keywords "rss submission services."  I hope to find something economical rss submission is crucial to improving my blog and website search engine rankings.  I have to submit to directories, article submissions, social bookmarking networks.  These are the sites my research yielded.


Then I used the keywords "Free website url submissions" and found the following sites.






 I did find services that were economical and will budget for paid submissions in the future but at least now I have a solid list to follow.

Monday, September 24, 2012

17 Places To Place Your Business Cards

Today I am submitting my blog posts to search engines and other directories.  Yesterday I discussed using Merchant Warehouse to process credit cards.  It is equally as important to promote your website online and offline.  Submitting to search engines is a great way to promote online and to get people (traffic) to your site.  To promote offline, I will be using my new business cards which I am excited to have designed. I also got my business cards from Vista print on Saturday (Whooaa).  I will be placing my business cards everywhere.  Here is a list of 17 places to place your business cards.

1.  Bus

2.  Train

3.  Taxi

4.  Bank

5.  Offices

6.  Conference rooms

7.  Waiting areas

8.  Gas stations near the gas pump!

9.  Sandwich shops

10. Restaurants

11. Daycares

12. Hospitals

13. Carry some tape to place your business cards where there is a lot of foot traffic

14. Place in relevant library books

15. Place in relevant magazines

16. Ask local businesses to display your cards

17. Conferences

Feel free to leave a comment and add to this list!



credit card processing and merchant accounts

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Linda Eastman Motivational

Linda Ellis Eastman is CEO & Founder of The Professional Woman Network (PWN), an international consulting organization on women’s issues. She has certified over 3,400 individuals from 18 countries to present the PWN women’s empowerment seminars including Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama.

Linda Eastman she is a motivational consultant.  I went to one of her courses and it was worth every penny. Thinking about her today gave me motivation to continue working on my Independent Jeweller

Seminars and topics offered:

  • Train-the-Trainer Women’s Issues Certification
  • Women’s Wellness Certification
  • Save Our Youth Certification
  • The PWN Coaching Certification
  • Customer Service & Professionalism Certification
  • Professional Presentation Skills Certification
  • Branding & Image Certification

Additional Services:

  • International Coach-the-Coach

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rich and Rich Home Opportunities

I spent yesterday blogging, fixing squidoo lenses, and promoting my Facebook pages. I got a message from an old business network contact while I was promoting on Facebook. The contact shows that you have to get your business and name out to the public for contacts. My business contact was Shontina Gladney. I am honored to say that she has invited me to participate in her business expo. I am excited about the expo because Shontina is a ball of motivational fire. I hope to continue to network and build my business contacts.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Business Sta_rtupbiz

Today I worked on being able to accept credit card payments through Merchant Warehouse ( Sign up for Credit Card Processing! ) or call 8668173342. I have also decided to turn Rich and Rich Home Opportunities into an LLC. An LLC is a limited liability company that gives your business more credibility and professionalism. The other advantage to an LLC is the income tax benefit. An LLC can be classified as a sole proprietor or C corporation, which protects your personal assets from business assets.
credit card processing and merchant accounts

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Business Sta_rtupbiz:Tax Deduction Strategies For A Home Based Business

It is definitely never too early to think of tax time. As a matter of fact, NOW is a great time to be getting things together for the Jan-March tax crunch. It is also a great time to be thinking about ways to get ready and be organized for your taxes next year.

Desiree Richardson  has written a wonderfully informative article on the ways to maximize those deductions and take advantage of those benefits due to you as a work at home entrepreneur. Definitely worth a read!

Tax Deduction Strategies For A Home Based Business

By Desiree Richardson

Congress has approved a number of tax breaks as incentives for small businesses. Owning a home-based business is the best way to take advantage of these tax breaks.

As a small business owner you have more tax breaks available to you than anyone else. Unfortunately, these tax breaks go unused because most small business owners don't know about them. Any home-based business, even part-time, that is not a hobby, and is in pursuit of a profit, can qualify for huge tax breaks - it's US Government law. You have a total of 3 years to turn a profit on your business before it will be considered a hobby and not longer eligible for a business tax deduction.

By owning a home-based business and taking advantage of the tax breaks available to you, you can keep more of your income, even if your business isn't producing a profit!

I am the sole proprietor of Rich and Rich Home Opportunities and also have an EIN (Tax ID #) for that business. I filed a business deduction for the business in 2009 even though I made about $600 total. Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is a company that focuses on bring quality home based business to the those seeking a home based business. I always pay for my advertising with my credit card or through paypal which is attached to my bank account, and makes it easy to create the receipts that need to be provided when you apply for your business tax deduction.

These are the tax deductions that I took in 2009 with all receipts!

If you have signage for you business on your car, this is considered advertising and the cost of gas and maintenance can be deducted. Keep the reciept when you purchase your signage and take pictures of your car and keep in your records.

Claim a home office deduction for your offices at home which I am sure has a fax,scanner,computer, record keeping, and educational materials that help you to run your business.

Your capital costs of a computer, it's software and even Internet access can be deductible when used is a home based business .

I payed via paypal for advertising on networks such as DirectSalesMoms, Traffic Exchanges, ineedhits, autoresponders, and offline print materials. My advertising was the bulk of my deductions.

I also deducted business start up costs because I would have to be a part of a business in order to promote it as a Rich and Rich Home Opportunities business. My company is classified as a b2b.

You don't need a company to tax a business deduction. If you are a network marketer or direct sales associate, then you are eligible for a business deduction. There is cap on the deductions based on the type of deductions. For example, I received $9,000 but that was my cap.

The key to all of the tax incentives and more is to treat your business as a business, not as a hobby. The intent of your business is to make a profit. This does not mean that you have to make a profit, but a reasonable effort has to be made. Work your business. Profit it what we all want! Keep good records of your business activities with a good log book and you will have no trouble with the intent. Working in a home based network marketing company has endless advantages with unlimited income, more free time to do the things that you want and helping other people.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Online and Offline Advertising

There are many ways to advertise that have been successful for me. I will be using both online and offline advertising. In this lens I will discuss methods for online and offline advertising for me that have generated income and traffic to my websites. Advertising and getting the word out about your business is crucial. I was watching "caugh on camera" last night and viral video's seem to be great for advertising and marketing.I will discuss Vista alot because I use them for so much. Vista can be used for many of your offline advertising and marketing.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things To Do For Each Squidoo Lense

Today I compiled a list of things to do when creating a squidoo lense. I will be using this checklist to keep myself focused and on track. These are the items I have so far. 1. Add this blog to all lenses 2. Add Amazon RSS Feeds 3. Add Ebay RSS Feeds 4. Check for Clickbank products 5. Do Squidoo lens health check (I favorited this page from Squidoo) 6. Check out Squidoo Utilities for brush up on all lenses I also want to make sure that I monetize all efforts to include this blog and therefore, I add this list for monetization of blog and squidoo. 1. Add Clickbank products 2. Add Google Adsense 3. Add credible affiliate program links to relevant products (Below is a list of credible programs) A. Ebay B. Amazon C. Shareasale D. Linkshare E. Commission Junction F. Clickbank I will continue to update both list but for now I have a framework and checklist! Tomorrow, how to advertise!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Squidoo Day!

Okay today I will focus on my Squidoo lenses. I was going through alot of my lenses yesterday. I have a total of 58 lenses but I only have 11 featured. I have to do some work on the other lenses, so they can be featured. I am going to be adding this blog feed to all of my lenses for maximum blog exposure. I also have to focus on visiting other Squidoo lenses and being an active community participant. I am also looking forward to looking at squidoo tips to improve my lenses with color, borders, and great backgrounds. I also will be promoting offline by printing blog pages on my printer.


Shop Fifth Avenue Collection Now!

Shop Fifth Avenue Collection Now!
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