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What You Don't Know About Using PLR Content

What You Don't Know About Using PLR Content – But Need To

Private Label Rights

Private Label Content (PLR) has been a hot topic in online business over the last couple of years. As more opportunities have emerged for people to make money with niche marketing, so has the demand for affordable content.

PLR is the perfect solution!

If you're not familiar with how PLR works, it is essentially a way for multiple people to "share" content. Since they are all given access to use or change the content, they pay significantly less.

You can then use that PLR as is and put your name on it as the author. Or you can divide it up, add to it, combine it with other content, create an audio product from it… the sky's the limit! The more creative you are, the more unique your resulting product will be.

For online marketers, this can mean a savings of countless hours of work over writing all of their content themselves. Or thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees if they were to hire a professional writer.

But before you get started using PLR to grow your business, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

1. It's important that you trust the source of the PLR content – Not all PLR content is created equal. There are lots of people publishing inferior content that no marketer in their right mind would use.

Remember, once you put your name on the content, your potential customers think that you wrote it. If it's not well written, informative and interesting you'll make a bad impression. Even if you're just using the content on your website to improve search engine rankings, it has to be good quality because prospects will be reading it and judging you based on it.

2. The best use for PLR is not article site submissions – Submitting articles to article directories can be a great promotion strategy. And in the early days of PLR that is primarily how people used the content. But the article directories have gotten smarter and realized that multiple people are submitting the exact same articles. This makes the directory look bad – so they've tightened up their policies and no longer allow this.

But that's alright, because that's probably the worst use of PLR content. It just makes you look bad if you're publishing the exact same article as someone else. Instead, smart marketers are using PLR content to create their own unique products. Customers are less likely to notice any overlap in the information if you do this well.

3. Combining PLR is the easiest way to use it – If you use a piece of PLR content exactly as is, the odds are that you'll be competing directly with someone else who is offering the same product. However, if you add other pieces of PLR content then you can create something that is uniquely yours. You still don't have to do any writing, yet you have a product with different information then your competitors are offering.

PLR content truly is a great way to get the content you need for your business. It's affordable, easily accessible and flexible. Whether you need content for your blog or want to create a complete product line, PLR is the perfect choice!

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Private Label Rights

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About Direct Matches
Copyright © Desiree Richardson

DirectMatches is the first in the online business and social networking industry to deploy a multi-matchmaking system that helps people locate everything from business contacts to finding friendship and dates online. It is the first business and social networking service with a contact management system that operates on a "dynamic basis", where members are able to select from dedicated networking communities.

DirectMatches Corporation is a privately held company, incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware, USA. Founded by an experienced entrepreneur, the Company launched its services in 2004 and is committed to using revolutionary technology to connect and network people.

The Company maintains offices in Reston, Virginia, the heart of the United States East Coast technology hub. Reston has the second highest concentration of technology companies in the world, right behind Silicon Valley. Half of the world's Internet traffic passes through Reston.

Determined to differentiate itself from other direct sales opportunities, DirectMatches designed the revolutionary Multi-Referral Marketing system (MRM). Informed by the recognized direct selling or network marketing theory, the company has succeeded in creating an improved person-to-person marketing approach. The system enables people with varying levels of experience to build a successful business through the Prime-4-Compensation plan, training and software.

DirectMatches is one of the first companies in online business and social networking to launch its service utilizing network marketing for delivery to the market place. The Company's low-cost service is affordable to all and encompasses an extremely wide market for those seeking to network with others of like-minds, goals, and interests.

This is your opportunity to earn extra income while meeting new people. It can be both enjoyable and profitable. If you share our vision, please join our exciting team and contribute to developing the largest online business and social networking company in the world. Sign up today at no cost to receive a profile, MRM system, sales activity reports and preview your own Back Office.

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How Do I Generate More Online Leads For My Direct Sales Business?

How Do I Generate More Online Leads for My Direct Sales Business?
Copyright © Alice Seba

How Do I Generate More Online Leads for My Direct Sales Business?

*Question*: My wife and I have been an associate for a particular company for several months now and we are indeed very happy with the products and support training.

Our problem is getting other people to view our link or getting them to open it at all, I suppose. We need to expand our effort to new associate recruiting and would like your input as to how we might do this. Thank you for reply to this letter.

*Answer*: Thanks for the question. I know that the problem you face is what many direct sales reps face as well. Right now, you are using the website that the company provided to you. It’s the same site that the other reps are using and it really doesn’t say much about the two of you as unique people.

Your site also makes people enter a code before even viewing it. I understand that this is so you can get credit for any referrals, but you’re creating an extra step for your users. People have to remember the code, type it in or even copy and paste it, which unfortunately, is something a lot of people won’t bother to do. People use the Internet because it’s easy and they want to surf around quickly, without having to jump through hoops. You want your information right in front of your prospect when they get to the site.

Obviously, this is the way the company has set up the website and they probably aren’t going to change that…but honestly…I don’t think that matters. The two of you need your own unique online presence and need to generate your own leads.

Here’s why:

Who knows what will happen with your relationship with your company. They are a highly reputable company that’s been around for well over 100 years, but you have no idea what the future holds. If the company decided to no longer offer the direct sales opportunity or one day, the two of you decide you just don’t want to work with the company…what happens? Your business is gone! That’s no good.

I recommend that you keep your online presence separate from the company you are working with, so it really is your OWN business and you can maximize your income. You can generate leads that might be interested in your opportunity and you can make them other offers through affiliate programs or you might even want to create your own information products down the line.

Think of what unique perspective you give to your business. Are you great cooks who can show people how to make delicious meals with those products? From the recruiting side, you can also figure out a unique perspective, but make it a product focused one. Your best recruits will be people who have the same interests as you…not just people who want to make money online.

You can start by creating a list to promote your products and another to find recruits. I’d create two separate websites for this because some of your best customers will never be interested in the opportunity, so don’t confuse your visitors. For the product list, you can share recipes, information about using the right herbs and spices, etc. For the recruiting one, you can give information about starting a home business, show how fun it is to sell these types of products, etc….all from your own perspective.

All these subscribers you gather now belong to you. If you decide to move in a new direction with your business, you still have these subscribers and you can continue to deliver quality information to them…and earn an income too.

Just remember, this is your business and you want to have complete control AND maximize your income.

Author Resource - Alice Seba is a full-time Internet marketer that helps direct sales reps maximize the performance of their online presence. For more online direct sales lead generation tips, sign up for free at
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Power Mall

I am so glad you have requested more information about My Power Mall! The download link for your FRE*E eBook, Daily Power Boosters, is at the end of this letter.

You have been to the website. You either became a member, or not. If not, I would love to know what you did not like about the F~REE My Power Mall system. If you did become a member, welcome to My Power Mall! You should go ahead and receive my whole series of letters because it will be a preview of just one of the many tools you have available to build your business. Regardless of your decision, I would like to share something with you...

Let me start with a basic principle: Everyone wants to make their life better. Ask people what better means and they will tell you different things, but everyone agrees they want their life to be better. The question is how to make it better!

Well, most people will tell you they need more mon.ey to make their life better. Just how much is different for each person, but most will agree they just need more. So what keeps them from making more mo.ney?

Well, they will tell you they do not have the mon.ey to start making money. They do not have the skills to make m.oney. They do not know how to sell anything, and besides, they hate selling. And, they do not have the time to make m.oney.

They probably also do not believe they can make more m.oney. They have tried before and failed. Maybe they have tried a lot of times and still failed. They just do not have it in them to try again.

Ginny Dye, the founder of My Power Mall, spent many years in the Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing Industry. She was a leader and trainer in her company. Anyone would have called her a success but she walked away from all of it 5 years ago. Why? Because she was tired of watching so many wonderful people try and fail. Do you know that only 3% of people in MLM actually succeed? That means 97% of them FAIL. She simply could no longer introduce people to something and ask them for money, commitment and time; only to watch them fail, drop out and end up discouraged and disillusioned. She walked away and never looked back.

During the last 5 years she has worked with a team of 60 amazing people, investing a half million dollars of cash and time, to create a simple system that EVERYONE can succeed with. It is not your typical MLM. It is not a typical Affiliate Program. Frankly, it is not a typical anything! It is simply a brand new concept that will allow the 97% of people who have failed before to finally succeed!

Presenting.... MY POWER MALL!

- MY POWER MALL really is FR*EE. There is no cost to you. EVER.

- There is nothing to SELL. All you have to do is shop in any one of 1000+ stores on your own personal Mall and buy whatever you and your family need and want.

- Give away F*REE Malls and create financial freedom from all the purchases on your team.

- There are No Crazy Qualifying Games. Just one purchase a month - any amount - qualifies you for all pay!

- There are no meetings. People already know how to shop!

- All tools are FRE*E. You are given everything you need.

My Power Mall has created the perfect system that will harness the Power of Online Spending to Change Lives. In fact, that is their motto. Harnessing the Power of Online Spending to Change Lives!

If you are intrigued and want to know more, please visit my website at . You will be able to view a great video and have every question answered. And, if you would like a live person to talk to, please contact me at ________.

I look forward to working with you!


Desiree Richardson

P.S. You can download Daily Power Boosters by going to:

My Page - WorkSpace

My Page - WorkSpace


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